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About Fieldstone Cavaliers
Fieldstone Cavaliers is located in Kinston, Alabama. We show our dogs as a hobby and breed litters occasionally. The only reason we consider breeding a litter is to keep a puppy for ourselves to show. We always strive to improve upon the previous generation, and plan our litters extremely carefully. We follow a strict code of ethics in our breeding program which places a special emphasis on breeding for health, temperament and type. All of our dogs see Board Certified Specialists annually to test their hearts and eyes. Not every puppy in a litter will be a show prospect. Those puppies not destined for the show ring are placed in loving pet homes. We are not a commercial breeder that merely produces litters to have puppies to sell. We plan our litters around the health and welfare of the dogs. Most importantly, all of our dogs are members of our family, and reside in our home.  We are members of the AKC Southeast Alabama Kennel Club and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Northern Florida.